It is related that one day they came upon Majnun sifting the dust, and his tears flowing down. They said, "What doest thou?" He said, "I seek for Layli." They cried, "Alas for thee! Layli is of pure spirit, and thou seekest her in the dust!" He said, "I seek her everywhere; haply somewhere I shall find her."
(Baha'u'llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 6)

Who is Layli and why do we seek her?

What is a Seeking Layli Event?

Monday, 13 April 2009

.....the heights attained by those who hasten unto Him.

"In this journey the seeker becometh witness to a myriad changes and transformations, confluences and divergences. He beholdeth the wonders of Divinity in the mysteries of creation and discovereth the paths of guidance and the ways of his Lord. Such is the station reached by them that search after God, and such are the heights attained by those who hasten unto Him. " (Baha'u'llah)

Well we can hope that some amongst may attain those heights but we should all at least reach the heights of Meander Forest Reserve. We're going there on Sunday, 19th April meeting as usual at noon.

For most people the route is first get to Deloraine, take the road to Meander (its the same road as the Lake Highway - if coming from Launceston turn left just before the bridge). At Meander go straight through the village (stopping at the shop if you need anything - its the last one).

After the bitumen stops (theres a road to the left which leads to a jetty - ignore it) proceed another kilometre and you will see on the left a day use area beside Lake Huntsman (where you can swim if you want) which has car park and looks like this:

It also has a toilet and barbecues so seems a good place to meet, picnic, and offer some devotions.
Rather like our last destination at Waterhouse, the Forest Reserve is a big place and we won't explore it all in one visit. We will need to get back in our cars to drive into the reserve and we can choose one or more destinations on the day perhaps depending on the weather and fitness of those attending.
Certainly, the walk to Split Rock Falls looks alluring though some of the more arthritic might have to turn back early.
You can read more about what's available at Touring Tasmania
or Red Bubble

Please note that some of the walks described are pretty serious treks which shouldn't be attempted unless you are fit, well, shod,well clothed, well equipped and have at least one person in your party who has experience of mountainous walks. I don't think many of us will be tackling those ones but there are lots of gentle strolls.

If we don't feel like a walk we could say some prayers at Scott's Road lookout.

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