It is related that one day they came upon Majnun sifting the dust, and his tears flowing down. They said, "What doest thou?" He said, "I seek for Layli." They cried, "Alas for thee! Layli is of pure spirit, and thou seekest her in the dust!" He said, "I seek her everywhere; haply somewhere I shall find her."
(Baha'u'llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 6)

Who is Layli and why do we seek her?

What is a Seeking Layli Event?

Friday, 7 August 2009

From every direction the signs have been manifested.

"In this journey the seeker becometh witness to a myriad changes and transformations, confluences and divergences. He beholdeth the wonders of Divinity in the mysteries of creation and discovereth the paths of guidance and the ways of his Lord. Such is the station reached by them that search after God, and such are the heights attained by those who hasten unto Him." (Baha'u'llah)

Well we did attain the heights of Mount Direction though it would be stretching a point to say we hastened. It was a hard slog getting up to the semaphore station for those of us who are older or more arthritic and coming down as they say can be worse.

Hopefully, we did as we usually do on these searches behold something of "the wonders of Divinity in the mysteries of creation".
Unfortunately the semaphore though in working order was not actually working so we were unable to utilise to send a direct message to Layli.

Having made it to the top we found a table where we sat and said and sung our devotions.

From the map, we had assumed that from the top we would have rather spectacular views of the Tamar river and estuary. However it turned out that everything was veiled by the forest and we caught only glimpses of the river through the trees. still the earth was beautified by it.
"I entreat Thee by Thy Name through which Thou didst cause the dawn to appear, and the winds to blow, and the seas to surge, and the trees to bring forth their fruits, and the earth to be beautified with its rivers, that Thou wilt aid all them that are dear to Thee with both Thy visible and invisible hosts." (Baha'u'llah)

There was a reminder of how ephemeral all our projects here on earth are. The semaphore was built in the 1830's and no doubt the builders thought they had made a significant and lasting contribution to improving communications and bringing the people of the world closer together. Within fifteen years the new telegraphs had made it obsolete and it was decommissioned and the substantial quarters built for the staff allowed to fall into ruins.
"Fleeting are the riches of the world; all that perisheth and changeth is not, and hath never been, worthy of attention, except to a recognized measure. " (Baha'u'llah)

It was a lovely day, hard work climbing and descending and another chance to ponder each created thing. "Indeed, O Brother, if we ponder each created thing, we shall witness a myriad perfect wisdoms and learn a myriad new and wondrous truths." (Baha'u'llah)

Reaching the bottom of the mountain, we had our picnic, conversation, and at least one of us collapsed on our back in exhaustion and gazing upwards pondered those wonderful created things - the trees.

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