It is related that one day they came upon Majnun sifting the dust, and his tears flowing down. They said, "What doest thou?" He said, "I seek for Layli." They cried, "Alas for thee! Layli is of pure spirit, and thou seekest her in the dust!" He said, "I seek her everywhere; haply somewhere I shall find her."
(Baha'u'llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 6)

Who is Layli and why do we seek her?

What is a Seeking Layli Event?

Friday, 18 December 2009

A lofty mountain wherein no one dwelleth

It was actually the Bab who said " Verily, behold My habitation -- a lofty mountain wherein no one dwelleth."  He had been imprisoned there. But perhaps Layli might be following His example?
Anyway we are going to check out Mount Barrow again on Sunday January 3rd 2010 to see if she's there.  We've been up there twice before but once was in rain.  Our second attempt is documented here
The arrangements are the same as last time.  We will meet at the picnic spot at noon for picnic and prayers.
Mount Barrow is about 46 km north-east of Launceston. Follow the sealed Tasman Highway (A3) for 31 km north-east from Launceston, then turn right onto the gravel Mount Barrow Road (route C404) which leads to the Mount Barrow State Reserve (approximately 9 km) and the plateau (approximately 15 km). The trip takes about 3/4 hour.
The last 2 km of road to the plateau is narrow, steep and winding. During winter the road beyond the picnic ground is periodically closed due to snow. 
However, we may change our search methods.  In the past we have gone up to the plateau and looked down hoping to see Layli.  
Perhaps it might be pleasanter and maybe more successful to search through the forests below the plateau?  We can decide during the picnic.
Hope to see you there!

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