It is related that one day they came upon Majnun sifting the dust, and his tears flowing down. They said, "What doest thou?" He said, "I seek for Layli." They cried, "Alas for thee! Layli is of pure spirit, and thou seekest her in the dust!" He said, "I seek her everywhere; haply somewhere I shall find her."
(Baha'u'llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 6)

Who is Layli and why do we seek her?

What is a Seeking Layli Event?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A comfortable day at George Town

"and the earth to be beautified with its rivers, "     (Baha'u'llah)

A rather belated and rushed report on our day at George Town looking out on the Tamer River as it meets the sea..  It encompassed checking the view and the dry sclerophyll from Mount George, afternoon tea and hospitality from our George Town friends, and a walk on the beach at Low Head.  We were all a bit confused and we failed to find everybody at the meeting point so two separate groups searched for Layli.  Without more ado some photos:

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